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At Honeymoon Bay Coffee Roasters we are passionately dedicated to the art of small batch European style coffee roasting. We gather only the highest grade coffees available, using our roasting expertise and our vintage cast iron roaster to create coffees with exceptional flavor. We also pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service--we are here to serve you!

About Mike Donohoe
Growing up in the Puget Sound, Roast Master Mike Donohoe was exposed to high standards of coffee roasting. At an early age, Mike sampled his grandparent’s “cowboy” coffee. “It was very dark and sometimes a little gritty,” Mike said. “My earliest memory is sitting at my grandparent’s kitchen table, drinking coffee with a big scoop of sugar and fresh cream from the nearby dairy. We would sit around and talk about our upcoming plans for the day or the weather. That pairing of coffee and conversation was something I always looked forward to.” In his 20's, Mike joined the Navy. While serving in VAQ-141 in Oak Harbor he and his wife Katie lived in Bellingham. They frequented a local coffee roaster where the aromas and flavors inspired him to learn more about specialty coffee.

After six years serving as Roast Master and Director of Roasting for another local coffee roasting company, Mike decided it was time to pursue his passion for small batch European style coffee roasting.

Honeymoon Bay Coffee Roasters is the result of a long journey on the road to the
perfect roast.

For more information, contact Mike Donohoe, at mike@honeymoonbaycoffee.com or (360) 682-6654.