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 Blends/VarietalsWhat is a blend?
Blends are coffee recipes, created by mixing coffees of different origins and roasts to accomplish dynamic flavor profiles and flavor consistency in the cup.These blends are commonly closely guarded trade secrets, and generally can differentiate one coffee roaster from another.

Anniversary Blend
Holiday Blend
Honeymoon Bay Signature Blend
Buzz Bomb
Admiral Joe’s Blend
Dead Man Walking
Cascade Rush
Reveille Reveille
French Roast
Moonlite Decaf
Oak Town Decaf
  What is a varietal?
Coffee beans are grown on trees in 80 different countries across four continents in a narrow subtropical belt around the world. Each coffee features distinctive flavor characteristics unique to the region where it was grown, such as earthy, floral, citrus, etc. also caffeine content, body or mouth feel and acidity.These reflect the local environment where the coffee plants are grown, and their method of process. In this sense coffee can be considered similar to wine which also demonstrates clear regional variation.

Sumatra Mahndeling
Colombian Supremo
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Mexican Chiapas
Peruvian, Water Decaf